Press Release 10/08/2012

Attention News Editors

For Immediate Release

-> Autonomous and grassroots neighbourhood assemblies declare their solidarity with the student struggle

-> Neighbourhood Street protests/festivals to take place in St-Henri, Centre-Sud & Mile End

Press conference: FRIDAY, AUGUST 10 at 1 pm.  Location: In front of St. Michael’s church, at the corner of Saint Viateur and St. Urbain Streets

(Montreal, August 10) – Members of various neighbourhood assemblies will be publicly declaring their support for the student struggle tomorrow, during a neighbourhood street protest/festival in Mile End. Created in the midst of the student strike and the adoption of bill 78 (law 12), Autonomous Popular Neighbourhood Assemblies (APAQs) adhere to direct democratic principles.  They are based on a will to act together in a non-partisan space.

Neighbourhood assemblies are not only opposing the tuition hikes, but also oppose austerity measures that threaten our public services, social programs, and rights. In order to support the student movement, many APAQs will organize solidarity demonstrations and some even intend to defy law 12 by reinforcing picket lines as of the first day of the forced return of classes.

In this spirit, an August 10th day of action is being organized by some APAQs, based in the larger perspective of social strike. This day aims to temporarily withdraw our neighbourhoods from the normal day-to-day of business as usual. It provides the occasion to make residents aware of the stakes involved in the student strike and the social strike, the effects of neoliberalism in Quebec, as well as the importance of collective action. Thus, the APAQs of Mile End, Centre-Sud, and St-Henri will take the street in order to fill it with art, music, teach-ins, and free food!

Several members of various neighbourhood assemblies will address the media, and provide more information about their support for the student strike as well as the broader social strike.

– 30 –

* APAQs have neither executives, nor spokespersons, nor leaders. Every person has equal voice and equal right to intervene.

For more details on APAQs:

Assemblée populaire autonome de Hochelaga-Maisonneuve :

Assemblée populaire autonome du Mile End :

Assemblée populaire autonome de St-Henri :

Assemblée populaire autonome de Villeray :

Assemblée populaire autonome du Plateau Mont-Royal :

Assemblée populaire autonome NDG:ées Populaires_Autonomes_de_Quartier

 Facebook information for the street protests/festivals on August 10 :

Centre-Sud (14h-20h):

Mile End (12h-15h):

St-Henri (15h30-20h) :


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